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Het lezen van kleuren / masters project

8 a2 posters + hand bind (open back) book a5 + coded website 

manual collage with color paper


For my master's, I did a project on color and texts. I've always been interested in colors: how they match or not, what emotions we get when thinking about colors and what associations we give to certain colors. I find it especially interesting how sometimes, when reading a book or a text, we think of color(s) that describe or summarize these words we read. I wrote a text and asked a number of people to link 1 or more colors to it on the basis of abstract work. The intention was that they had to translate these colors on an A4, they could choose in what shape or form. The outcome and data of these works turned out to be very interesting, so I collected 4 other types of texts. I wanted to find out whether they also thought about colors (and which ones exactly) when they would read an article, a poem, a bible text or a non-fiction text. All these contributions allowed me to collect data. For example: in how many cases is red the predominant color for people? What percentage of the A4's /works they make contains yellow? Based on this data I was able to visualize. I literally translated the data per text into A2 pages and divided the colors so that you can see exactly which color was most common in which text, which colors people linked to certain texts and how many people said the same color.

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